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  • Mental health help: Where to turn

    More than 60 million American adults -- one in every four -- suffer from some form of mental illness, ranging from panic disorders to depression, according to mental health professionals. Nearly 14 million live with a serious mental illness, such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and severe depression.

  • China struggles with mental health problems of 'left-behind' children

    Youngsters have been isolated by government one-child policy and parents moving to find work Yes, it is just a simple stuffed toy. But put it into a child's arms and watch as he pretends to feed it, talks to it, even crowns it as a monarch. First, it gives him security; then it allows him to role-play and develop social skills. Chinese authorities hope tips like these, included in a book for ...

  • Awards for films on mental health

    Scribbling, an inspiring short film on a child’s struggle with the learning disability dysgraphia and Fruitful, the moving story of a man battling bipolar disorder, were named joint...

  • Upper Darby meeting focuses on mental health coverage reforms

    Medical professionals and mental health advocates testified Wednesday afternoon before the Democratic Policy Committee asking to bring reform to mental health coverage in the state.

  • Mental Health review

    An independent external review of MidCentral District Health Board’s mental health service following the apparent self-inflicted deaths of two inpatients earlier this year, has made 44 recommendations for improvements to the service.

  • Mental health facility changes name to combat stigma

    The Mental Health Center of Madison County is hoping to help more people who need it by changing its own name. The center's leaders say they're afraid stigma attached to mental health care is scaring people away.

  • Area mental health center sets $31M budget plan

    The community mental health center for nine Northeast Texas counties set its $31 million budget Thursday amid an array of new attacks on old problems affecting well more than 12,000 residents in the area.

  • Two-Thirds of US Teens with Mental Health Problems Get Counseling

    These services include any treatment or counseling provided in the school, childcare center, clinic, home or other places. Such treatment also includes attending a school or special school program for students with emotional or behavioral difficulties.  About 4 percent of all adolescents ages 12 to 17 had a serious mental health problem and had received nonmedication services in the previous six ...

  • Doctors angry at reform delays

    Doctors accuse Govt of stalling and inaction over mental health service recommendations.

  • Mental health stigma hasn't gone away

    Stigma surrounding mental health comes in many forms, and its important to understand what the differences are In the Observer last Sunday, Elizabeth Day wrote an article questioning whether there was still a stigma surrounding mental illness. Her reasoning was that because there has been an outpouring of stories about depression in the wake of Robin Williams death, were all fully tuned in to ...

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