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  • Mental Health Added as Goal of Local Health Collaborative

    Group has seen success in benchmarks related to cutting obesity

  • Spotlight on mental health

    Formed in the wake of last summer's tragic shooting event, the Yellow Springs affiliate of the National Association of Mental Illness, or NAMI, runs support groups for those with mental illness and their family members and friends.

  • Lucida Treatment Center(SM) Expands Clinical Staff With Two New Hires

    Lucida Treatment Center , a comprehensive substance abuse and mental health treatment center located in Palm Beach County, is proud to announce the expansion of their clinical personnel staff to include ...

  • $650-Million Mental-Health Gift Targets Neglected Area

    Ted Stanley’s $650-million gift to study the genetics of psychiatric disorders comes at a crucial time for those who care about the issue, with states reducing funds for mental-health programs and nonprofits in the field struggling to raise funds.

  • Mental health support

    OLDHAM West and Royton MP Michael Meacher is supporting a call to secure counselling for those in need within 28 days. ...

  • Mental Health &Addiction Services Funding Crisis

    The funding crisis threatening the effective provision of NGO mental health and addiction services will be the main topic for debate by health spokespeople from all the main political parties at a public meeting in Penrose.

  • Cultural Disparities in Mental Health Care: Closing the Gap

    This article is the first in a series appearing in Psychiatric Times on Minority Mental Health. Topics will present different perspectives on efforts and directions for improving mental health among ethnocultural minorities.

  • Tender announced for altered mental health care service

    UNITINGCARE and Mental Illness Fellowship (MIF) have been awarded the tender to provide mental health services for Ballarat and the surrounding region.

  • Mental health: shifting the focus to recovery

    Using mental health research to bring about social change will be the focus of a University of Queensland seminar this week.

  • PHL’s first mental health information system rolled out

    The first integrated information system on mental health conditions in the Philippines is set to be implemented in a number of public and private hospitals around the country. The Philippine Health Information System on Mental Health Conditions (PHIS-MH) will hold a database of information on mental health cases, primarily schizophrenia, which can be accessed by hospital both online and offline.

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